Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mustangs and Youth

The Mustang Heritage Foundation which runs the extreme mustang makeover, has a program for youth that allows 9-18 year old youth / parents to adopt yearlings for $25.00. I have a trainer who has volunteered to work with them, as a resource and help the kids get started with their training. This trainer would also help arrange to bring in the yearlings from the BLM after the kids have completed and approved their adoption application with the BLM. All it costs the kids is $25.00 and whatever fencing is needed to set up an appropriate space for the horses. After 30-90 days the kids / parents confirm their adoption of their horse. During the 30-90 days, the kids get a $200.00 rebate for feed for the yearling during their training program AND at the end this trainer will pitch in $100 / per horse towards prizes at an event / show where the kids get to show off their yearlings. This is an incredible opportunity! Contact me with questions or to make arrangements to adopt a yearling!
The website for contact is

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