Monday, August 31, 2009

Next Class is the Zoo!

My next class is at the Albuquerque Zoo. If anyone wants to carpool, please call me at 505-501-1251 by Thursday (9/3) evening to arrange it. There are 2 spaces left! Bring a water bottle and sunscreen. We're going to discuss composition and natural light. It's going to be a blast!

Aye Calypso!

This five year old mustang named Calypso came to his new home near Santa Fe, NM in May. He had been halter trained by a prison inmate in Canon City, CO. And, he'd had a saddle on a couple of times. Since he's been adopted, he has been worked with on the ground by his new owner several times. He's had his feet trimmed and been longed. But basically he's been allowed to hang out and settle in for 3+ months. Well, after several saddle and tack fittings, today, he had a saddle on and a rider :)

Valles Caldera Pix

Saturday was spent hanging out with my dogs in the mountains enjoying the BEAUTIFUL New Mexico scenery :) In our travels we wandered into the Valles Caldera which is now a National Preserve and open to the public. It was AMAZING!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Horses and Relationships

Horses form agreements or relationships with humans .... that much is obvious. What isn't so obvious is the amount of "heart" a horse has. For instance, one of the mustangs I've been photographing, his name is Mr. Breeze, wasn't treated very well (to say it nicely) in the BLM holding pens. The men were afraid of him because when they mis-treated him, he reacted violently. Only God knows the extent of Mr. Breeze's ill treatment. But, even after all he's been through, it is amazing to watch him find the courage to try and trust a human. It's very humbling to watch.

Learning to See Creatively Workshop

The "Learning to See Creatively Workshop" was a lot of fun! It's always enjoyable to see on film how people "see" in their mind's eye. The image in our mind usually varies quite a lot from the image on the film! Trying to make the mind's image and the film images look the same is challenging most times :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Additional Photo Class Being Offered!

This is an amazing opportunity .... we have been invited to photograph three mustangs. These horses have been placed in a home south of Santa Fe and they are in training. We have the opportunity to photograph them as often as we like. Here's the deal, the classes will be held on Saturdays by appointment. We must have no more than six people attend at one time and it will cost $20 each. Above are two pictures taken during a training session last week. This is the first time this horse has seen a saddle and the time difference between the two photos is about ten minutes!

Fair time photos

To me, this photo just sums up fair time :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mustangs and Youth

The Mustang Heritage Foundation which runs the extreme mustang makeover, has a program for youth that allows 9-18 year old youth / parents to adopt yearlings for $25.00. I have a trainer who has volunteered to work with them, as a resource and help the kids get started with their training. This trainer would also help arrange to bring in the yearlings from the BLM after the kids have completed and approved their adoption application with the BLM. All it costs the kids is $25.00 and whatever fencing is needed to set up an appropriate space for the horses. After 30-90 days the kids / parents confirm their adoption of their horse. During the 30-90 days, the kids get a $200.00 rebate for feed for the yearling during their training program AND at the end this trainer will pitch in $100 / per horse towards prizes at an event / show where the kids get to show off their yearlings. This is an incredible opportunity! Contact me with questions or to make arrangements to adopt a yearling!
The website for contact is

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fair was wonderful!

The first photo class of the season was largely attended and absolutely great! We "people watched" and photographed. Hopefully we'll have lots of entries for next year's fair. This entry of mine won Best of Show ..... I was so excited! This was taken last spring at the Albuquerque Zoo. I'm leading a class on Sept. 5th to the Zoo ..... check out the schedule below and sign up!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting Ready for Fair

It is fair time! We are busy framing and getting ready for check-in tomorrow. Here is one I'm thinking of entering. Isn't he too cute?